Saturday, February 12, 2011

Making music vs making a fortune

These days there's a lot of people who make money as a "musician" when they are really just a marketing and propoganda tool of the fashion industry. At least a few years ago they had to do the hard yards before they sold out!

Now it seems like finding someone to sell out to is the hard yards...Oh for the days when musicians found themselves a patron and just wrote music for them. Any offers?

What is Rhianna going to be doing at the Grammy's?

By the sounds of it, her much anticipated performance could be just about off the cards. Since she's had to cancel other gigs I sort of hope we don't get to see her throwing up on stage. I for one could do with out that image!

Born this way

Even if Lady Gaga did take some influence from Madonna- is this really something that new? is it even worth commenting on? It's not like there's never been appropriation in the music industry before.

 It's been said that all art is just re invention so it's hardly surprising considering the other similarities between Lady Gaga and Madonna that have been talked about for years already.

Good on her if she does get a grammy I reckon!